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Mobile Patrol

Our mobile patrol services are a cost-effective and reliable solution if you want to keep your premises safeguarded. This services also provide a clear and highly visual deterrent.

Citrus Security will be at your disposal for any requirement you have. Our fully-trained agents will be fully uniformed to keep any intruder out of your premises. Some clients wont have the need or budget for a full time security guard based at their property. This is the best alternative!



1) A full patrol of your premises will be conducted by our agents at agreed or random time intervals, day and/or night. We will check that everything is how it should be, that there is no vandalism, no fire, no burglary and no other emergencies.

2) should there be an issue we will deal with emergencies services and leave a guard on the property until morning or until you visit the property. 

3) Citrus Fm will also install temporary measure for any Damage on site. 


Our mobile patrol services are often used along our alarm response and key-holding services. This way you will have added protection to your premises.

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I would recommend the services of  Citrus Security. We used their Security for our offices in Portsmouth, Southampton & Reading and they did an excellent job. Both the security guards were friendly and helpful. I'm happy to recommend the services of Citrus Security.”

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