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Carpet Cleaning

Our Carpet Cleaning services have been highly rated via some of the biggest national night clubs & hotels around the United Kingdom.


The carpet cleaning, we will provide you with a full break down of where we are going to clean and how long we would need in that room/area for it to dry and be looking clean and smelling fresh again.



  1. We build a schedule with you to ensure you are happy with what we will do for you on the day we agreed to come and how long it will take.

  2. We will schedule one day a month with you every month to ensure that you get the best looking and smelling carpets.

  3. Citrus FM will sign you into a 12-month contract – this is so you can see the results back to back on a monthly basis.

Carpets have never been so clean. Very happy with the services!

House Keeping Manager

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