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The success of Citrus has evolved from the passion of its team members!


Running a business thats "Product" is its people you have to make sure that you have happy teams! With alot of people within Citrus it is hard to keep everyone happy. So we have to work hard to ensure that we reach our goal of "happy people that are proud to make a difference"


Customers we work for

We have opened up our books for Casual & Temps Staff. If you are looking for extra work and want to be on our books please click on the link below where it will take you to a application. 

It will take up to 5 days for us to verify your information and perform the following checks.

You will need a valid ID ready to upload to this application. 

General : 0345 999 999


Support : 02393 6000 03


Finance : 02393 6000 03


Recruitment : 02393 6000 03



Proud to make a difference!

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